Profile – Hip Hop Artiste

The artiste formerly known as just C.Loco has been around in the industry since 1994.

Starting off from a talent show called Asia Bagus in 1994 with his brother Land Slyde,
they went on to join Yogi B and Point Blanc in forming the pioneering Asian Hip Hop group Poetic Ammo.

After winning numerous awards and being part of two highly rated and successful albums
(It’s A Nice Day To Be Alive & The World is Yours), he left to pursue his solo career.

Awards won – (Anugerah Industri Muzik- AIM)
Best New English Artiste 1999 (It’s A Nice Day To Be Alive)
Best English Album 1999 (It’s A Nice Day To Be Alive)
Best Music Video 2000 (Who Be The Player)
Best Engineered Album 2001 (The World Is Yours)
Best Music Video 2001 (Somebody’s Watching)

Since going solo he has released singles individually. The first single smashed into the scene in the middle of 2006 and has made an impact like no other. Announcing the return of C.Loco who’s been out of the industry for 5 years, Legend of Boo showcases the strong points of why he was part of the award winning group Poetic Ammo. This single has reached no 3 on Hitz Malaysian Top 10 as well as no 1 on Xfresh Top 10.

FIRST SINGLE(released 2006)
Single : Legend of Boo
Artiste : C.Loco feat Ida Maria
The second single Jong Jong Inai which was recorded in English and Malay released in
2007 used the catchy reggaeton beat mixed with a Malay folk song famous in Malaysia.
Even though it received airplay in Malaysian radio, the B side single VIP released at the
same time with this song grabbed the attention.

SECOND SINGLE(released 2007)
Single : Jong Jong Inai(Ewah) [Malay]
Artiste : C.Loco feat Suria, Encik Tech & Suarasakthy
Single : Jong Jong Inai(Yeah)[English]
Artiste : C.Loco feat Suria & K Town Klan

C.Loco’s B-side single VIP feat Encik Tech was picked up by award winning movie
director Afdlin Shauki to helm his movie SumoLah ( released
in the middle of 2007. Legend of Boo was also featured in the movie.
B-Side Single : V.I.P.
Artiste : C.Loco feat Mr Tech
Sumolah Version
Movie Single : U.V.I.P.
Artiste : C.Loco feat Mr Tech & Elvira

Released “Hip Hop” feat Rekka in September 2010.
Single: Hip Hop
Artiste : Sashi C Loco feat Rekka

Re released his new single in Malay “Bintang” which means star featuring Moe Nasrul in
August 2014.
Single : Bintang
Artiste : Sashi C.Loco feat Moe Nasrul

All songs can be heard on

  • Other Songs Featured :
    · This Ma Time – Harvinth Skin feat Sashi C Loco
    · Radio – Hard Candy feat Sashi C Loco
    · Wicked Queen – Dragon Red feat C.Loco
    · Oh Baby – Anbarasan & Anuratha feat C.Loco
    · Vegam Vivegam – Hyperkinetix feat C.Loco
    · Rabbit Anthem – Rabbit feat Daddy Shaq, C. Loco, Landslyde, Moots,
    Altimet, Balan Kashmir, Roshan ‘Philly Roca’, & Haze Freaky G
    · It’s Gonna Be Alright (Dance Remix) – Iz feat C.Loco
    (winner of Asian Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA 2010) for Best Collaboration – Bronze Award)

Performances :
Drawing from the massive amount of experience from performing all over Malaysia as well as the world, such as :

Hippodrome, London
Club 99, Hong Kong
Orchard Street, Singapore
Jerudong Park, Brunei

Performed in major cities all over Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Ipoh and Penang for Coca Cola Youth World Cup Concerts as well as major events such as :
Konsert Suria Merdeka in KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
New Year Celebrations in Jln Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
AIM Awards 2000 in Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Rentak Asia Concert opening for Sugar Ray in Serdang Malaysia.
Opening act for Shaggy in Concert in Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Malaysia.

    Coca Cola 2000 – 2001
    Adidas Performance 2000 – 2004
    Sky Bright Adidas Eyewear 2002 – 2004
    Ford Ranger Splash 2000
    Apple IMac 2000 – 2001
    Digi 2000
    Swatch 2000 – 2001

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